Mid Week College Football News

July 9, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen –

Most of you have heard or read about the Big raise given a number of Tennessee Volunteer Coaches in the wake of a reported 11 Million Dollar shortfall in the University of Tennessee budget.

According to published reports Coach Phil Fulmer will receive a One Million Dollar raise going into the 2008 season, making him the fourth highest paid football coach in the Southeastern Conference.

You may be wondering if the raise has gone to Phil’s head.

I have on good authority that Coach Phil had a painting of himself commissioned for the Volunteer Locker room, in an effort to “Inspire” and “motivate” his players. Coach Phil was reported to have said when he viewed the painting for the first time; “Now that is what I call, Classy!”

See for yourself…

No word yet if any of the money is deferred to Krispy Kreme stock options.

Only 50 more Days until Kickoff…..


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3 Responses to Mid Week College Football News

  1. Bulldog Jim on July 9, 2008 at 2:25 pm

    I think he will need a flatbed with 2 king size mattresses on the sidelines this year!! 50 days sounds great, but anything less that 50 sounds better!! It will be a great football season!! Your pal, BJ

  2. MissMay4UK on July 11, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    Be careful on you new mission. I will miss you very much! Although I am not a ‘Bama Fan, I will always think of you whenever the Tide rolls across my television screen 🙂


  3. The BamaPrincess on July 15, 2008 at 11:34 pm

    I think he needs the money to bail out his players!! Godspeed and God bless! We will keep checking for updates!!! I cannot wait until August 30!

    ROLL TIDE!!!
    The BamaPrincess

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