Tuesday Commentary

June 17, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen –

I have received a number of emails recently concerning my “bias” of Southern football in general and the Southeastern Conference in particular.

Some have commented that I need to be more “fair and balanced”. While others have suggested that such and such and so in so conference or university has a better team or teams than the Southeastern Conference.

One reader went as far as to suggest that Southern California “should” have been declared the National Champions last year because they were “better” at the end of the year than LSU.

Let me take a moment to respond to such criticism.

We Southerners have never bought into the “kinder and gentler” thought process, particulary when it comes to college football.

At least “real” Southerners haven’t.

We don’t allow our children to “choose” a college football team on their own, God forbid.

The little ones learn early and fast what “their” colors are and good parenting is often judged by how soon your children learn the fight song and know the name of their respective mascot.

And frankly I support that theory.

Yankees usually let their children “decide on their own” so their “creativity” isn’t dampened later in life. That is why most of their children are gibbering idiots by the time they are ten years old.

EDITORS NOTE: Notable exceptions to this rule of course are Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State Fans.

While most northern families are talking to their children about the Kennedy Dynasty and the advantages of socialism, we in the South have educated our children in the ways of Bryant, Dooley, Dietzel and Shug.
We have taken the time to explain the Wishbone Offense to our kids and ran it with them in the back yard.
Unlike socialism, we have proven to our children the Wishbone offense works.

EDITORS NOTE: Notable exceptions to this rule of course are Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State Fans.

California college football fans which are almost always of the “Fair Weather” type are still stuck in the mindset of the 1960’s with “Hey, it’s just a game” or “Who wants a Zima and some Tofu?” and “Can’t we all just get along” attitude.

Let me be the first to break the news to you Sunshine: We Can’t, Don’t and Won’t all get along.
In fact we don’t like you. Not even a little bit.

You are the Paris Hilton of the college football world.

While you are getting “all fired up” to play Fresno, Jalapeno or San Jose State somewhere in the South a titanic struggle is taking place between proud programs that will be talked about for generations.

You think having a “Amnesty International Day” on game day is exciting?
Then you don’t want to go to Clemson, Blacksburg, Gainesville, Athens or Baton Rouge on a Saturday night.

Your heart wouldn’t be able to stand it.

We in the South own the landscape of College Football and all the ESPN announcers and left coast commentaries and NCAA Bull Butter in the world won’t change that fact.

Only 72 days until kickoff……


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4 Responses to Tuesday Commentary

  1. BamaBob on June 17, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    Amen, brother. Tell it like it is!!!
    If them ole “left coasters” would teach their kids their fight songs instead of worrying about why their brother cant marry his own sister they’d be a whole lot better off!!!

  2. Geaux Tigers on June 18, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    Very impressive video! We are just back from Tiger Football Camp and are already making plans for next year. C loved it and declared the day he played the entire afternoon with a red, swollen, sprained ankle, “The best day ever!” Perhaps next year he will see that most of the trainers are (1) female (2) eager to help the injured and (3) drop-dead gorgeous. But if he finds spending time with the line coach watching plays from every possible angle fascinating – that is fine too.

    For me, walking out onto the practice field (legally and sober, I might add) a daily religious experience. My daughter would not allow me to roll around on the grass like Boudreaux, our beloved Golden Retriever, although the urge was there.

    Take care and keep spreading the faith! A.

  3. The BamaPrincess on June 24, 2008 at 3:47 pm

    Now what kind of parent are you if you DON’T teach your children the proper fight song by the time they are three? Isn’t that right up there with Jesus Loves Me???


  4. MEB on June 25, 2008 at 10:39 am



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